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"Links and Traffic Tutorial, Part One" - The Importance of Content on Your Website

(This is the first lesson in our 7-Page Link Building Tutorial. We are providing this to you so that you can fully appreciate our Link Building Philosophy. We do utilize most of these techniques, in the Linking Campaigns we do for our clients.)

It should be understood that search engines need words in order to build an accurate profile for a particular website.

A website that is made fully of images, video or audio may look great and tell a wonderful story to the web site's visitors, but the search engines as a rule do not know how to interpret this kind of digital information.

The important understanding to take from this is that all of the spider search engines --- including Google --- need text content in order to be able to assess the value of your website.

Understanding The Role Of The Search Engine

The search engine companies have one goal in mind --- to assess the information available on the internet in such a way that they can give their users results that will satisfy their user's needs.

Unless a search company can give their users access to the content they are really looking to read, then the search company runs the risk of losing their users to their own competition. Let's face it, savvy internet users know that if they do not get the kind of search results that they want from MSN, they can go to AltaVista, Yahoo or Google to get different sets of search results.

So, each of the search companies are working hard to give their users the most accurate search results to keep their users loyal.

It is important for us to understand that the search engine is not striving to rank our websites the way we would like them to be ranked. They are not working to make sure that everyone can find our website. Instead, the search companies are interested in keeping their searchers happy, so that the search companies can keep their paying advertisers happy.

Text Content Is Still King After All These Years

Here it is in a nutshell. The more words you have on your website, the more keywords that the search engine spiders will have available to archive, and the more opportunity the search engines will have to deliver visitors to your website. The better targeted your text content is to your specific niche, the more likely the search engines will grant your website additional status in your niche, which in turn allows them to give your website a better ranking and to send you more traffic.

But, it does not stop here.

There are dozens of factors that the search engines take into consideration when they are deciding which websites to list and in what order to list those sites in their search results.

Continue on to Basic Search Engine Optimization Principles.


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