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Get Your Hands on the SEO Bible,
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Why To Do It & How To Do The SEO

So here is the deal... Many people are aware that I ran a SEO company from 2005-2009. Many of those same people are also aware that I got out of the SEO industry for personal reasons.

I have been asked time and again to create SEO information products...

And in 2011, I created a small SEO product, one that deals specifically with Local SEO called, "The 12-Month Local SEO Blueprint"... This report was well received by those who purchased it...


That report took a very small sub-set of the SEO industry and laid out a simple action blueprint that described what to do, why to do it and where to outsource it.

To do a full-scale SEO report would be, in my mind, a major undertaking that could very well consume the next two months of my life -- just for the writing of that report!! What I would want to do with that report is something that I have yet to commit myself to doing.


I may not ever need to do that report myself!!

Kurt Melvin is a forum member with whom I sometimes cross swords... LOL We don't cross swords because we always disagree, but because we wrangle over the nuances of certain arguments...

Despite our occasional disagreements, I have a great deal of respect for WHAT HE DOES...

Kurt finally released his updated 2012 report on SEO... IT IS COMPREHENSIVE!!

I bought his package and went through it over several hours.

It is scary how much him and I actually agree on matters regarding SEO!! LOL

Kurt went even more in-depth than I would have gone myself.... And dammit, I agreed with nearly everything he said!!

The only disagreement that comes to mind is only a disagreement of nuance on his chapter about PageRank Sculpting -- in the report that has nearly 90 chapters...

I did say that this SEO Guide is COMPREHENSIVE didn't I?

It has a 35-page PDF Guide that will show you how to use free and trial tools to get the most mileage from your SEO activities.

It also has two HTML pages, one with over 220kb of text and another with 100kb of text. One is about Offsite SEO and the other about Onsite SEO.

This information is Comprehensive and well-organized, making it easy for you to jump to the chapters of the report that you are most interested in reviewing.

While Kurt and I disagree on the nuances of PageRank Sculpting, he and I are in absolute agreement about Leaving a Small SEO Footprint.

I also picked up a lot of new link building techniques that I had never considered before today. My point in mentioning this is that although I have real-world, in-the-trenches experience doing Professional SEO, even I learned some new stuff in this material !!!

If you are doing any kind of SEO for your sites or sites of your clients, you need this product.

Kurt did not call his product "The SEO Bible"...

I did...

And I did so, because it is the closest thing I have ever seen that shows you, "How To Go To SEO Heaven!!"

In this package, Kurt shows people what to do, why to do it and how to implement it. It is literally the SEO product that I have always wanted to create myself, but never did.

If Kurt was in his "right mind", he would sell this information for $197 or $97 at the very least. But with dime-store pricing, this package is still available for under $15 (as of 9am on March 16th, 2013).

Get your hands on a copy of this SEO package, no matter what price you find it when you go to buy it.

It will absolutely be the best investment you will make in SEO during 2012!!

Bill Platt


Get Your Copy of The 12-Month Local SEO Blueprint

With the right education and a little bit of effort, you could start pulling down 5-figures a month, providing local SEO services to local business owners in your area.

In the 12-Month Local SEO Blueprint, we are going to show you the What, How and Why of Local SEO, and more importantly, Where to outsource the work to others... You will have everything that you need to operate a successful and profitable local SEO business...

You can do the work yourself and keep all of the money, or you can use a portion of what your clients pay you to buy more time for yourself.

With this blueprint, there is no reason why you should not be able to make a minimum of $500 per month per client each month and spend less than half an hour to provide the actual services to your clients.

Get your copy here for under $20.


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