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Privacy Policy and Privacy Statement

Your Privacy is of the utmost importance to us.

  • We will never sell or rent your email address or private contact information to a third party.
  • All testimonials on our site will only appear there with the permission of the person being quoted.
  • We do use cookies on our site, although we do not collect any information that can be considered personal information. Here is a list of the actual information we collect in our cookies:
  • Date of Your First Visit
  • URL of website you used to find our website
  • URL of the page on our website where you originally arrived
  • Referring Affiliate ID (if applicable)
  • This information is only collected so that our marketing team can gain a better understanding of how our customers find us.

    Once this information is recorded, it will never again be accessed unless you actually buy our services. Upon purchase, we will retrieve the cookie information so that we can properly attribute your purchase to the affiliate that made the referral to our site.

    If you have any additional questions about our privacy policies, or you have other questions about our programs, we can be reached at:

    Bill Platt - Owner
    3010 E Raintree Drive
    Stillwater, Oklahoma 74075 USA


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