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Start With This Friendly Tutorial

Dear Weary Traveler,

Chances are that not too long ago, you started your very own website, excited by the promise and potential that your digital storefront held for you.

I remember when I started my first website back in December of 1995. I was so excited that I could hardly sleep for days.

Every night as I put my head to the pillow, I dreamed of the day where I could go see the boss and tell him those words so many of us crave to tell, "I quit!!"

But within just a few short weeks, reality started raising its ugly head.

Reality is a mean-spirited teacher!!

It literally took me four years to figure out what most people are now learning in weeks...

Back in those days, there were few people teaching online marketing...
  1. I learned that in order to get sales, I had to have an offer that people wanted to buy.

  2. I realized that I needed to engender trust to get people to want to take out their credit cards.

  3. I found out that I needed to get traffic to my website, just to figure out if I had an offer that would convert.

  4. Then, I started to realize that I needed to tweak my offer to increase my sales conversion rates.

  5. Finally, when I had managed all of the above, I learned that I needed to turn on a fire hose of traffic to increase my sales.

Most people who find their way to this website are still on step 3 in the process.

Most people are looking for that initial burst of traffic to determine whether they have a winner or not. or whether they still need to make improvements.

Regardless of where you are in the process, perhaps you have heard of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)??

To be honest, this website ranks really well in Google, Yahoo and Bing for search queries related to SEO!!

If you found this page in a search engine today, let that be some validation for what I am telling you here.

We own several high-traffic websites on the Internet. Our top 5 websites served plus 650,000 unique visitors and a grand total of over 6.2 million page views in 2011!!

Our numbers were only slightly down over 2010, because we closed two of our websites due to high-resource usage combined with low sales.

More to your interest in SEO, we received over 337,000 clicks from Google alone in 2011!!

Yep, we know what we are doing when it comes to Search Engine Optimization for Google!!

Pay Attention!!

In order to rank well in Google, you need to cover some bases:
  • You need Quality Links pointing to your website;

  • You need a Quantity of Links pointing to your website;

  • You need anchor text keywords related to your website in the links pointing to your website;

  • You should have "deep links" for your website, as well... In other words, links that point inside of your website, as well as to the home page;

  • You should have a good "internal linking" structure, as far as how links within your own website point to other pages of your website;

  • You should diversify the anchor text that you use in the links pointing to your website and internal pages;

  • You should seek a lot of diversity in the types of websites that link to yours; and

  • You should seek a lot of diversity in the range of website properties that link to yours.

Are you with me so far?


This is very important!

GoogleBot is a bad-ass web crawler, and the Google algorithm is sharp!! Google can see everything that you wish they could not see!!

For example, if you keep going back to the same place every time to get links for your websites, Google can likely see that!!

What I try to do with my own link building activities, and what I advise other people to do as well is to not leave a "footprint" that Google can follow...

What I mean by that is to not leave "easy-to-identify patterns" that Google can follow, when you are building links for your websites.

Diversification of link structures, anchor text keywords, website types, and website properties is -- in my mind -- the key to my success with Google!

And it will be for you too!!

Last year, I was writing a report about the different kinds of linking available on the Internet, and I discovered unexpectedly that there are actually fewer choices than one might imagine...

The following is a list of the types of links you can get for any website:

  • Link Directories;

  • Blog Comments;

  • Blog Posts;

  • Bookmark Websites;

  • Social Media;

  • Press Releases;

  • Article Directories;

  • Article Syndication;

  • Newsletter / Mailing List Archives;

  • News Sites;

  • Video Sites;

  • Audio Download Sites;

  • Document Sharing Sites (PDF Files);

  • Software Download Sites;

  • Answer Sites;

  • Online Encyclopedia Sites;

  • Forum Profile Links;

  • Forum Posts;

  • Footer and Sidebar Links from Blogs, etc.

I challenge you to try to expand on this list... It will be tough!!

Remember, Diversity is YOUR friend!!

Seek out links from as many "types of websites" as you can, and seek links from as many properties within a type as possible.

Check back often, as I will be pointing to resources that will help you attain the widest diversity of links as possible in your challenge to improve your search engine rankings.


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